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1975 - the end?

1914: Still Important to WT in 2012  NEW

The Children of 1975 

1975 and the "Life Everlasting" book

  "Staying Alive Until 1975" My Story of Growing Up Jehovah Witness With Severe Ulcerative Colitis.  
  I remember where I was when I heard that President John Kennedy was assassinated.  With the same vivid recall I also remember exactly where I was in 1967 at age 10 when I heard the Watchtower (Jehovah's Witnesses) announce the end of the world was coming in 1975.

Young Jehovah's Witness men were being sent to prison for refusing to serve in the Vietnam war and I would just miss my destiny by a few months.  All I had to do was trust and serve Jehovah God and the Watchtower organization with all my heart and I "would stay alive till 75".

Little did I know the catastrophic cascade of events that were to befall me when in the fall of 1970 my first symptoms of devastating ulcerative colitis was to appear.  Ulcerative colitis like crohn's disease is IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease).

Little was known about the pathology back then and most of it was wrong.  I was told that it was caused by stress and I attributed my dysfunctional difficult life as a young Jehovah's Witness as the source.

The origin of this thinking was that stomach ulcers were caused by stress induced stimulation of hydrochloric acid which ate holes in the mucosa wall.  Now we know that stomach ulcers are actually caused by a little bacterium bug called H. pylori and stress has little to do with it.  Think about this, there are millions of people everywhere with life's of stressed induced hardships and they DON'T get ulcers.  The worst thing you an tell a patient who is already stressed out is that their illness is caused my stress and put them on a self imposed guilt trip for it.

Now we know that it's almost certainly an auto-immune disorder like rheumatoid arthritis and stress, strength or defects of character have little bearing on the course of the disease.  It's an idiopathic disorder which is a big doctor word meaning; 'it comes and goes when it wants to and no one knows what causes it'.

I do know this for certain because of the Watchtower organization's promise of a 'new world' in 1975 my disease was woefully mismanaged.  I neglected my health care believing in the bogus false promise that 'any day' I would be in the 'new system' and Jehovah God would cure me forever.
1975 came and went and the Watchtower has now denied LIED ever making that end of the world prediction.

The disease was to continue to ravage me for another 23 years until my bowel finally gave out and I had to have a total proctocolectomy with an ileostomy appliance (colostomy bag) Ulcerative colitis because it is confined only to the large intestine can be cured with this surgery, remember from high school anatomy class the large bowel is a storage hold and not essential for life so it can be taken out you just have to wear a bag.  Unfortunately poor folks with crohn's disease which can involve the entire digestive tract don't usually have this straightforward option.

It is now well into the 21st century and I have a life now that is second to none.  The devout are growing old and dying in the Jehovah's Witnesses just like everyone else and I now have had to come to terms with my own eventual mortality.

If you have IBD don't be intimidated please seek out a crohn's and colitis or ostomy support group and if there is none in your area go online, same goes if your still a Jehovah's Witness.  There is much better treatment today and there is a good life after surgery.

Hey, ostomates like me can never get colon cancer because we don't have a colon anymore, or for that matter we don't have any of the other 'problems' associated with that part of the anatomy.

There is also a good life after the Watchtower.  Cheers, Danny Haszard Bangor Maine my home page, http://www. DannyHaszard. com   

Below: What the Watchtower said about 1975 (two of many; click pictures to enlarge)

The Watchtower said 1914 was "an outstanding time marker, a turning point for mankind." The end is near, so we were supposed to work for Jehovah until Armageddon. --October 8, 1968 Awake! magazine

We were led to believe that the end of the world would come in 1975. --Awake! magazine 10/8/68, p. 14.

New Video: Jehovah's Witnesses Beneath the Tower of Fear

A compilation of Watchtower images from the last few decades, and comments by Circuit Overseer Charles Sunutko (incorrectly identified as a member of the Governing Body) revealing what Witnesses all over the world have hoped for for many years, the destruction of everything that is NOT WATCHTOWER. Just the kind of people everyone wants for neighbors, no?

JW Terrorize Children

Below: Growth rate of the Jehovah's Witnesses chart (click to enlarge)




My Repressed Sex Life in the Jehovah's Witnesses

        'Don't matter new system coming any day'

                Danny a virgin at 29: I squandered my youth for a cult!

  I did not have sex until my first girlfriend and current life partner at age 46 two years ago.

My epic story; a very complex Watchtower cult induced dynamic. I became crippled with Ulcerative colitis at age 13 1970 start of puberty. The only cure for Ulcerative colitis is a total proctocolectomy (removal of the entire bowel) with 90% risk of impotence and a colostomy bag.

           Don't matter new system coming any day

I'll explain, you know how a doctor will perform a 'digital rectal exam' on a man and will feel for an enlarged prostate through the bowel wall? Well this tells you that the prostate is right up against the bowel wall? So, the nerve plexus surrounding the prostate would be severed resulting in a 90% risk of impotence.

Because I am a righteous guy I would not inflict this on a sister as dubs can't get divorced over this and the WT old farts say no oral sex to please my mate.

      Don't matter new system coming any day

It gets worse, the symptoms of severe UC is bloody bowel movements on the order of 30 X's a day. Think of having dysentery unrelenting 24/7 for 28 years. I could not support my family if I am this sick.

   Don't matter new system coming any day

  I would not date because dating is a prelude to courtship and then marriage.  I would not frivolously date because dubs don't do that and I am a righteous brother who would not break a sisters heart.

      Don't matter new system coming any day

     Friendly I couldn't date and enjoy a girls company if I wanted to and I did want to, because severe ulcerative colitis has the attendant passing of vast amounts of gas that smells like rotten flesh (because that's what it is) and I can't hold it for more than 10 min's and could not sit in a movie or ride in my car with my date.

    Don't matter new system coming any day

 I have a good looking body like a male model and got tons of sisters chasing me since I appear to be available cause UC doesn't make you look sick. Then there are the married brothers who are eaten up with jealousy cause I am a single guy who won't do his duty and marry their sister. So they revile me as a candy ass.

    Don't matter new system coming any day

Finally after getting voted off the watchtower island in 1992 my bowel finally gave out in 98 and now there is a new advance surgical technique that doesn't cause impotence and my bowel comes out I have a colostomy bag.

 Treadmill  I meet a wonderful worldly woman at the YMCA in 2003 we hook up and are a good match .  


  There, a real true story of a real f**ked up repressed sex life in the Jehovah's Witnesses

 THE END Danny Haszard outraged 'apostate' with justifiable anger


Supporting Your Teen Living with Ulcerative Colitis


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