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Jehovah's Witnesses "Knocking"  Movie discussion

Learning the Techniques of Exit-Counseling with Steven Hassan

My Molester was a Jehovah's Witness Elder until a short time ago (Youtube)

Interview with Bill Bowen of regarding the Watchtower/pedophile issues

New Video: Jehovah's Witnesses Beneath the Tower of Fear

Mealy-mouth JW elder lying in court! (NEW 2/27/06) video clip from court

Doorstep Documentary: Exposed—Jehovah's Witnesses Expel Without a Fair Trial

Two elders come to the door of a fellow JW to announce he has been disfellowshipped without a trial! The younger one is Dennis McClellan.  The older one is Robert (Bob) Smaglick. Windows Media Player, 5:25

Real Video clip on the street with a JW

The Jehovah's Witnesses are seeking to shut down a website that points to inconsistencies in their writings. This segment is about 10 minutes long and is an interview with Peter Mosier, host of the now defunct "Watchtower Quotes." This is an .mp3 file.

Interview with Peter Mosier on mp3

Spotting Teens Who Are Into Cults (Oct 25, 2005)

Prompted by the Pamela Vitale murder, and its rumoured cult connection, CBS dedicated a news segment to the signs parents can spot when their child joins a cult.

Co-anchor Rene Syler spoke with cult expert Steve Hassan on The Early Show.


[...] there's no evidence that there's a specific cult or any undue influence of some other person on him.

[...] I don't believe that the Goth look is, in any way, a destructive cult.

[...] But I can definitely tell you families need to be alert, (get) preventive education, letting young people know, especially, that there's no instant friends. Become a researcher. Understand that destructive cults are out there. They don't tell you what they believe and what they want from you.

Video: Steve Hassan on The Early Show

Why Psychopaths Beat Polygraphs (Discovery Channel)

Have You Seen My Mother? and 11-minute interview with author 

Trauma - Life in the E.R. - This is a 15 minute video clip documenting the story of a San Antonio, Texas (U.S.A.) Jehovah's Witness couple who were involved in a serious automobile accident. They requested and received Watchtower approved "bloodless" medical treatment. Both husband and wife died.

Windows Media Version


Doomsday Cults (Discovery Channel)

 Windows Media Version


The Millerites: Armageddon (History Channel)

Windows Media Version


Watchtower (Jehovah's Witness) related DVDs to watch and to buy.


The Freeman Report
"Cults or Religions?" (May 24, 1983)
"There are more members in cults today than at the time of Jonestown."  Steve Hassan is one of the guests on this show about determining when a group is a cult.

THE WAVE:    more about

The Wave - based on a true story

The Wave is based on the real experience of a high school class in Palo Alto, CA (USA), in April 1967. History teacher Ron Jones attempted to teach his pupils the realities of fascism by encouraging them to form a kind of classroom Hitler Youth. This movement became so popular that the life of the whole school was affected. Jones later wrote down his experiences with his history class, and published this as a report entitled " The Third Wave". It was published in many magazines and won Jones instant fame. He was interviewed by radio stations and newspapers, and even appeared on "Good Morning America". Later the story was made into a successful film which was shown on American TV in the autumn of 1981. After this broadcast the novelization rights of the TV film were sold to a large American publishing company which commissioned a well-known writer of young adult fiction, Todd Strasser, to write the novelization of the film version. This he did under the pseudonym Morton Rhue. Ever since its appearance in book form the novel has been extremely popular among young people.


Watch "The Wave": an afternoon TV special about how cults get started (true story)
on Real Video ( for free player)

Part 1  22 min. Part 2  21 min.

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