I am treated as evil by people who claim that they are being oppressed because
 they are not
allowed to force me to practice what they do.óD. Dale Gulledge

The Story of Danny Haszard

How it all got started.... read click theses info links and you will never be the same
  This is the one piece of evidence that changed me forever and freed me from the Watchtower cult.
HOW? Well, just one book by the Watchtower the 'Revelation Climax book' has 1914 as ground zero so all that book is false because 1914 is bogus.

 Millerites & JW from the History Channel this is the History channel people, not me or any other disgruntled apostate

Video excerpts from History Channel presentation on apocalyptic groups

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"Make it Maine" Danny

Below: Danny a virgin at 29: I squandered my youth for a cult!

Below: Digging for the "Truth" in 1985

dreary Bangor Kingdom Hall - 2029 Broadway Ave., Bangor ME 04401  ph. 207-942-4104  call and talk to the psychopaths!
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Future Look of Bangor Kingdom Hall - on the alert for pedophiles!
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Read his story in the Maine Times   [text version]

Danny's Whistle-blower letter on the Watchtower for fraudulently evading state sales tax

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Danny in front of
Maine courthouse
Sign of the times
Courthouse up front!

1996 Quincy Massachusetts (above)

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Contact Danny Haszard at jehovahwitness1@gmail.com


"I still know what you did."
Danny says, "A tiger can take down an elephant, if it bites it once a day."


Don't take my word for it INVESTIGATE for yourself be a healthy skeptic, use your critical thinking skills.
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