Articulator Manipulator

A robot that Danny Haszard used at work with an arm that is broken into sections (links) by one or more joints. Each of the joints represents a degree of freedom in the manipulator system and allows translation and rotary motion.

In the world of cults and high-control groups, the meaning is applied similarly.

Danny's "dubspeak" deliberations:

Jehovah's Witnesses in their Theocratic Ministry School are taught how to cleverly use posture, hand movements, expressions and other devices to sound ARTICULATE. When you combine this talent with one or more forms of MANIPULATION, such as mind control (as commonly defined by mind control watchdogs Robert J. Lifton, Steven Hassan and Margaret Singer), a powerful force for creating deception arises. A whole new world that appears freaky or cultish from an outsider's standpoint suddenly becomes PLAUSIBLE from the naive listener's point of view. He/she has been FOOLED by the articulate manipulator.

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