Important Watchtower Documents Hidden
from Jehovah's Witnesses by Their Leaders

JW LOSE $28 Million Pedophile Suit

The purpose of revealing these otherwise secret video portions AND documents are to demonstrate how group leaders facilitate the abuse of members of high-control religions as well as political groups who use unethical and/or illegal tactics to denigrate the lives of their members. Only as much of the original sources are displayed in order to demonstrate this, as what you see and hear may be a small fraction of the original material or video. We believe that this falls under the rights of the Fair Use laws in the United States of America. We are not affiliated with any religious organizations or national interests, and no profit is to be made from displaying this material. It is presented for the protection of those who might fall under the spell of the leadership of such groups to their mental and physical well-being.



The Secret Letters to the Body of Elders (BOE) in each of their congregations, which are not revealed to the rank-and-file Jehovah's Witnesses by the Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society, which has over 7.5 million members worldwide as of July 2012.  (click thumbnails to see page)  This one is dated March 6, 2012.

BOE 3/6/2012:

BOE 3/6/12 BOE 3/6/12 page 2 of 3

"An elder who promotes higher education must have his qualifications "reviewed" and told to stop or step down."

"Appointed men must become exemplary in heeding the warnings given by the faithful slave and its Governing Body when it comes to education (Matt. 24:45-47). Would an elder, a ministerial servant, or a pioneer continue to qualify to serve as such if he, his wife, or his children pursue higher education? "
Elders, ministerial servants and pioneers who persist in promoting higher education should step down or be removed from their responsibilities due to Satan's obvious influence on them.


How did the Watch Tower Instruct its Elders to Deal with Pedophiles and other felons in 1989?


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