United Nations  Jehovah Witness Join United Nations in 1991
 Watchtower Sluts the 'wild beast' (666)
Jehovah Witness Join United Nations, is Like Learning the Pope Secretly Supports Abortion.

WHY is "Jehovah's organization" so friendly with the "disgusting thing causing desolation" that is "full of blasphemous names"?
The Watch Tower Society claims the United Nations Organization is the "image of the beast" in Revelation chapter 13:14-15 and the "scarlet colored wild beast" in Revelation chapter 17:1. They also identify it as the "disgusting thing causing desolation" in the Bible books of Daniel and Matthew.

"As God views it, the United Nations is a colossal world conspiracy. Why?  It calls upon the peoples of all nations to support it in establishing worldwide security by man's efforts. It thus proves itself to be a conspiracy against the 'Prince of Peace' and against Jehovah's covenant with him. The conspiracy will be shattered to pieces..."

According to the Society the UN, described in Revelation 13:16-18 as the "image of the wild beast" forces all persons to worship the "wild beast" and be identified as God's enemies by a special mark in their right hand or upon their forehead. This is the mark of the beast, the number of the beast (666) or the number of its name. Assisting the "image of the wild beast" would be working against the interests of Christ and His Kingdom.

Is it not surprising then, to learn that the Watch Tower Society was an official UN Non Governmental Organization supporting the objectives of the UN?

What is expected of these NGOs?

The NGO portion of the United Nations web site states: "Since the founding days of the United Nations in San Francisco, NGOs have made valuable contributions to the international community by drawing attention to issues, suggesting ideas and programmes, disseminating information and mobilizing public opinion in support of the UN and its Specialized Agencies." Association with DPI constitutes a commitment to that effect.

So, in private the Watch Tower Society has made a commitment to disseminate information and mobilize public opinion IN SUPPORT of the United Nations. But in public claiming that it is under Satanic control - a "disgusting thing" responsible for identifying people as God's enemies by marking them with the "mark of the wild beast" (666) marking them for death at Armageddon.

Question: Why was "Jehovah's organization" secretly assisting "Gods enemies" in their work?

Answer: MONEY Gold Coins 


"Babylon the Great" riding the back of the Wild Beast (United Nations)
Babylon The Great Has Fallen! ? God's Kingdom Rules
1963 page 577


United Nations Update: Hypocrite Watch Tower Society Disassociates from the United Nations
Following much comment on the Internet, such as this report at the Guardian Newspaper, and a review by the United Nations, the Society terminated its relationship to the United Nations effective October 2001.

According to an official fax from the United Nations, the Society was an NGO since 1991. Why would they terminate their ten year relationship so suddenly? Could it be that they realized how damaging this is now that it is public knowledge? If they are prepared to have a secret ten year relationship with Satan's organization (666) what other associations do they have that we don't know about?

"Hypocrite Jehovah's Witnesses abandon secret link with UN" says the headline of a follow-up article in the Guardian, you can read it here:


Yes,this is SHOCKING to devout Jehovah's Witnesses, it's like a devout Catholic finding out that their Pope secretly supports abortion!

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United Nations Update 6/5/05

"Ground Pass" To Watchtower Harlotry!
Watchtower/Jehovah's Witnesses "bend over backwards" cover up involvement with "wild beast"

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It is quite interesting to note, that even the criteria for getting a “Ground Pass” at the United Nations might be easier said than done! When I read Barbara Anderson’s description of the “Ground Pass” that had been issued to Watchtower representative Ciro Aulicino, I decided to check and see if I could find the criteria for receiving such a special pass. You may recall that Barbara wrote, quote:

“Sometime late in 1991 or early 1992, I clearly remember when Ciro told me he had added the United Nations to his schedule of places to go on Wednesday to pick up material for the Writing Department. When I asked him how he was able to get into the UN, he said he had received a special pass so he could use the UN facilities, including the library because the Watchtower was an international publishing concern.”


First of all, the term “Ground Pass” is used to identify one who is (annually) accredited as an NGO representative. This pass enables the owner to enter the U.N through two different entrances. A “Temporary Badge” is only for a short period of time on U.N. grounds. This “badge” only enables the owner to enter through one entrance. If Watchtower representative Ciro was only going to the United Nations for a few books to read, he certainly would not have needed a (full accredited ground pass) to do so. Ciro would have only needed a “Temporary Badge” to do some research.

If the Watchtower Society had only wanted to use the United Nations Library, then they certainly went to some extremes to receive a (ground pass), that they really didn’t need. For instance, here are 22 requirements set forth by the United Nations in order to receive a “ground pass,” which is not necessary if you only want to research books. The requirements are:

(1) Security Measures that must be obeyed.
(2) Certain doors that can and cannot be entered or exited.
(3) A Ground Pass must be worn at all times.
(4) Must go to the NGO section of the Department Economic and Social Affairs.
(5) A special form must be filled out and presented to the designated Security Guard.
(6) You must then go up to the 14th floor.
(7) The Ground Pass must be authorized by Office personal.
(8) You must then be directed to the Pass and I.D. Unit of the United Nations.
(9) Then your picture must be taken.
(10) There also is a 20 minute wait for processing. This is a (transaction), meaning records are kept. Signatures, addresses, phone numbers, organization name, personal identification, etc.
(11) Ground Passes are only issued during certain hours of the day.
(12) You cannot interfere with the flow of public traffic at the United Nations.
(13) Your not permitted in the North Delegate’s Lounge unless you have a pass.
(14) You must comply with the requests and instructions of the United Nations at all times.
(16) Certain Media areas are restricted.
(17) Certain Media equipment is not permitted.
(18) Smoking, eating, and drinking are not permitted in certain areas.
(19) Flash cameras are not allowed while sessions are going on.
(20) Cellular phones must be switched off.
(21) Small briefcases and handbags are required.
(22) If you have to surrender your Ground Pass or ID, you must do so immediately.

The U.N. harlot, as the Watchtower describes it, must have looked very enticing for the Watchtower representative Ciro, to have gone through all of those requirements just to do a little research!

Every time Ciro used that special pass, he was allowing himself and the (organization) that he represents, to be under the authority of the of the United Nations as requirement # 14 states. Every form Ciro filled out, every signature he volunteered, every picture that was taken, all identified the Watchtower Society as an “apostate harlot” right with the U.N. harlot it condemns!

One must shake their head and wonder why would the Watchtower need a U.N. library card in the first place, since they have published so much information about the United Nations with as many journals and newspapers that are provided.

In this “Awake!” article, the Jehovah’s Witnesses describe the United Nation’s new library in Egypt in great detail, from only the information provided from journals and newspapers they are reading. The “Awake!” /2001/April/8th/p. 28 states quote:

“With help from other Arab states and from the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, Egypt has created a new library in Alexandria that it hopes will outshine the old one. “The first four floors are below ground. Surrounded by a reflecting water-pool, the library has 17 elevators, self-cleaning windows and a safety system so advanced it can extinguish fires without leaving so much as a drop of water on a rare text.” However, continues the Journal, “the library is short on one crucial element. Books.” The newspaper adds that after millions were spent during long years of construction, “the new library’s budget for actually acquiring books is so puny that the library’s chief, . . . Mohsen Zahran, must grovel for books whose main virtue is that they are free.

In all the years that I have known about the United Nations, I never knew their library had 17 elevators, and such an elaborate water safety system! So it would appear to me, that the Watchtower was doing well enough in providing information about the U.N. just from newspapers and journals without any need for a library card at all!

I took the liberty of underlining the 22 main points of the United Nation’s requirements for special passes and badges, and also the website if you would like to read further.

Access to the United Nations: how to get the right pass/badge.

New York Headquarters:

Members or representatives of an accredited non-governmental organization should obtain an appropriate grounds pass.

Representatives with valid annual grounds passes, may enter United Nations headquarters through the NGO doorway at the Visitor’s entrance at 46th Street and First Avenue, or through the NGO doorway at the Secretariat entrance at 42nd Street and First Avenue.

Representatives of NGOs who are accredited to the United Nations for a specific period of time, (temporary badges) may only enter United Nations headquarters through the NGO doorway at 46th Street.

During the three week-long General Debate beginning in September, or when heightened security considerations require extra measures, the NGO doorway at 46th Street shall be the only entry point into United Nations headquarters.

The Delegates’ entrance at 45th Street and 1st Avenue is strictly reserved for delegations from the Permanent and Observer Missions and can not be used by NGOs.

Passes must be displayed visibly when entering and exiting, and while present on United Nations premises.

How to get a grounds pass in New York?

In order to get a pass, NGO representatives must come first to the NGO section of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (New York).

One UN Plaza, Room DC1-1480(First Avenue and 44th Street)
tel: (1-212) 963-8652
fax: (1-212) 963-9248

Once in the lobby of the DC1 Building (One UN Plaza) please show a copy of the form where the representative is being designated to the security guard and come up to the 14th floor. Our office will authorize the issuance of a pass and direct the representatives to go to the Pass and I.D. Unit of the United Nations Security and Safety Service, located at 45th Street and First Avenue (UNITAR Building), where their picture will be taken and a grounds pass will be given to them. Please allow at least 20 minutes for this transaction.

Passes are issued Monday through Friday 9:00 AM - 12:45 PM and 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

Restricted access to the second floor

The General Assembly Hall will continue to be a restricted area. Fifty seats at the front of the 4th floor balcony are reserved for members of accredited NGOs who wish to attend meetings of the General Assembly.

During the General Debate, or when heightened security considerations require extra measures, access to the second floor by members of accredited NGOs shall not be permitted.

When meetings of Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), subsidiary bodies of ECOSOC, or any other meetings of relevant organs to which accredited NGOs have been invited to attend, are held in the Chambers on the second floor, members of accredited NGOs shall be permitted to access these meetings on the second floor.

At all other times, members of accredited NGOs must be in possession of a Special Pass in order to access the second floor of the conference building. These Special Passes are available from the NGO section of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (Room DC1-1480).

The North Delegate's Lounge

Members of accredited NGOs are not permitted in the North Delegate’s Lounge unless accompanied by a delegate from a Permanent or Observer Mission, or are in possession of a Special Pass.

Please keep in mind that,
On United Nations premises, members of accredited NGOs must comply with the requests and instructions of United Nations officials and security staff relating to access and use of United Nations facilities and premises.

Interfering with the free flow of traffic at any time is not permitted. United Nations security staff are authorized to request any person to move from any area or to remove their belongings for safety and security reasons.
Members of accredited NGOs should not access any floor above the fifth floor of the United Nations Secretariat building without an appointment with a United Nations official.

Members of accredited NGOs must not enter designated media areas. Persons without a media pass are not permitted to carry media equipment onto United Nations premises. Any person attempting to do so, or falsely representing him / herself as a media representative, will be removed from conference rooms and from other designated media areas.

Smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited in the conference rooms. Flash cameras are not allowed when meetings are in session, and cellular phones must be switched off.

Participants may carry small briefcases or handbags into conference rooms. Large bags, suitcases, trolleys or carryalls are not permitted in conference rooms.

Surrendering Passes

Members of accredited NGOs shall immediately surrender their United Nations grounds pass, or any other prescribed identification, to the Pass and I.D. Unit of the United Nations Security and Safety Service, for cancellation upon:

expiration of the pass or prescribed identification

completion of any assignment(s) for which temporary accreditation may have been provided;
suspension or termination of accreditation of the individual NGO member by the Secretariat, or by his/her organization;
the expiration without renewal of accreditation of the NGO to which the individual belongs.



Proof that the Watchtower was a fully credited NGO

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