Trinity Quandary & Quantum Theory

Our Broadband 'Trinity' Universe
       Is Heaven Broadband or Dial up?
'She Blinded me with science' I loved that 80s tune.
 We don't know Heaven-Jesus could be God because he is omnipresent?
... Go ahead and attack my credentials, I don't have any to lose. I am a disabled carpenter with a (JW minimal) education, and I think I will take this quantum leap...
The Deity of Christ, created being Son of God, or God himself or both?
    Jehovah's Witnesses say John 1:1 can't be reconciled and yes the Trinity is of pagan origin and precedes the Bible writings and is rooted in the pagan mysticism and a flip at the creed of Nicaea. Jesus apparently prayed and petitioned outside of himself in the 17th chapter of John.
Impossible for Theologians to reconcile? What if the issue is really one of physics and the holy grail pursuit of the Unification equation, the grand unified theory of physics?
 The Grand unification of (BIG) astrophysics and (small) particle physics. Could quantum mechanics solve the can't be in two places at the same time quandary?
Going beyond the things that are written? That's what Einstein did with 300 year old Newtonian physics. Isaac Newton predicted gravity perfectly, but he couldn't explain HOW gravity did it. It seemed at the time that 'something' like an invisible arm just reached out and grabbed the earth and held it in orbit around the sun.
 Einstein elaborated the how, that this something was a dent made in the fabric of time and space a fourth dimension to complement the existing three of Newton. The Earth and other celestial bodies rolled along in this dent and went their merry way

 There's more that we don't know about the Universe then we can comprehend. Things like how 60% of the matter in the universe is called dark matter because no one knows what it is. 
Putting the square peg in the round hole, quantum mechanic stuff.
We know that forces in the gigantic scale of astrophysics, things like a gravity intense star or theoretical black hole cannot fit in the same model for particle physics in the domain of the smallest subatomic particle .

That's Danny Haszard the carpenter's K.I.S.S quickie explanation for the grand unified theory {g.u.t}. If you want to Google the PhD version don't get lost.

   Yet, both models MUST fit together because the universe just hums along fine. So, the pursuit of the Unified theory the grand equation of everything, if ever achieved will make creation fit into one neat model. Some of  these models allow for multiple dimensions beyond the four that we can perceive.
    Where is the Heavenly realm? When the prophet Daniel prayed the Angel appeared immediately, from where? Did the Angel commute from a distant celestial body faster the 'finite' speed of light, or did he step out from another realm or dimension?
Back to the Trinity debate and the impossibility of the Son of God also being God, or of existing in more than one plane or dimension of time and space.
We don't know Heaven!
The trinity dogma has ancient pagan elements, but don't forget the demons are out to twist, taint and deceive every Christian concept that they can. In the devils confabulation with Eve in the garden of Eden he spoke 54 words only 5 were lies, "you positively will not die". The Bible say's Christ has a second coming, but we know he did not come 'invisibly' in 1914 like the Watchtower claims.
  Satan could have done his twisted spin on the Deity of Jesus Christ also.
Oh, can't have a science thread without a mention of UFOs and space aliens. Science fiction flicks have us conditioned to ETs who are more advanced than us by a couple of hundred years or so.
 Think about this....What if they were advanced, not by a few centuries but by a million years? Well, if Heaven exist their 'civilization' would be BILLIONS of years more advanced, and superhuman to begin with. They could have a  multi-dimensional database, and could have unlimited (omnipotent) abilities. Raising the dead would be a walk in the park for them.
The only database that we have on them is 2,000 years old delivered to a simple pastoral people. The Bible wasn't written for the Harvard alumni.
 Hey, just my thoughts and this ain't no science paper, but how about some peer review anyhow?
 The Watchtower's 'theorist' don't allow for peer review of their 'quantum quackery' and that's what makes us apostates so noble.

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